Part 8. “My Banana! Sob…”

We were a team of 6 of racing and media crew.

We had loads of various racing gear and filming equipment.

And our route started from Narita, transferring in New York, Santiago and Calama, and finally to Atacama.

Trouble will happen.

Yep. Lost baggage.

Shin was pale at the airport in Santiago.

Shin: “My bag isn’t here…”

Me: “Really? What was inside it?”

Shin: “My banana costume…”

Me: “Well, the costume was just for fun, so…”

Shin: “…And some of the racing gear, and the team uniform. Sob…”


(Shin desperately asking about the situation to the airport staff)

There was a long story behind the uniform we made. It was much more than just matching wear. I will write about this later.

We all felt the same way. But despite the concern and impatience, all we could do was wait.

The baggage was lost between New York and Santiago.

It was less than two days until we go to the camp location for the race.

Will the banana and the uniform make it?!

A tense atmosphere hung around the six members of team “KIZUNA”.

In order to support Shin, the rest of the team began to prepare backup equipment.

However, although Atacama was a tourism area, it was a super rural district as well.

It might be difficult to even find the specific and rare equipment required for the race. Not just the uniform.

Then, on the day before the departure to the race camp, the banana costume and the uniform arrived!!!


Relieved, we gave each other a high-five!!

“We are so lucky!”

“Yeah, the uniform probably wanted to stop by New York.”

Thus, the concerns regarding the equipment was gone.

A shot at Atacama in the same uniform.


(From right, Kuro, me, and Shin)

Another shot of a strategic meeting for the race.8_4

(This photo appeared on the Race’s official website. LOL)

The rear view shot of the three of us.8_5

(almost) Perfect!

The only cause for concern was my leg and condition (and I was the only one worried about it).

I was feeling a lot better than when I was walking like a robot right after the treatment in New York.

However, something was still wrong with my leg, and my stomach wasn’t in the best condition either.

But as I talked with other players from all around the world, I became more excited than concerned about the race.

(An “Abbey Road” shot taken for fun. LOL)


“I am finally about to start the Atacama Race!”

“Who knows what will happen after the race starts? Just a few days ago I was lying in a ball because of sickness in China. I am lucky just to be able to start.”

Team “KIZUNA” and 150 athletes enter Camp No.1, the starting point for the Atacama 250km.

The race is about to begin!

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